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Our Training Philosophy

We believe in training the dog (and human!) in front of us. We do not think training is a one size fits all blanket. We promote balanced reward based training. Meaning we use treats to teach - we access what and how the dog has learned behaviors, we access why the dog is having troubles with some commands in various areas - WE TROUBLESHOOT behaviors. We make sure our dogs have a full understand of what is expected (and a reward history to keep the behavior strong). Once we can establish that we MAY add in training tools to aid your dog in their learning journey. We believe there is no bad tool, only misuse of that tool (harnesses, leashes, flat collars, prong collars, e-collars all have a place - and its our job to ensure your dog is using the communication that best fits THEM!). Are we treat trainers? YES and no - we use what motivates YOUR dog (that may be food, toys, praise, or even ice cubes 🤣), we let your dog tell us what motivates them as that is how we will get consistent behaviors. Just like kids every dog is different, some a martingale or flat collar and a verbal marker that something was wrong fits them perfectly, others need a bit of a different style communication. 

We like to use all 4 quadrants of learning to aid in the dogs full understanding of what we are teaching them in all aspects that they will be exposed to. We train in various settings to set the picture that obedience and manners is expected everywhere, but possibly the most important, we teach you how to better communicate with your dog and provide them a life style they can truly thrive in! 

Our promise to you is to always listen to you and your dog, you as the owner can provide us as the trainer with valuable information on how you and your dog can work together as a team. We promise to continually keep up on our education in this field we feel passionately  about in order to always provide you and your dog the most up to date knowledge. We promise a life time of support to ensure you and your dog always stay in sync! 

Obedience Training
Happy Dog


Is to provide you and your dog with up to date training knowledge.  To focus on the whole dog and provide a program made specifically for them to thrive living in our world. 


Is to provide society with well trained dogs, to be able to see dogs out and about with their owners fully enjoying the time spent with them. 

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