Private Lessons with Vigilant K9

One on One training with you and one of our trainers. Currently our private lessons are great for puppy training and basic obedience work. Our private lessons can also work on a specific goal you have with your dog such as door manners, leash manners, place stays, greeting manners, or prepping for an AKC Canine Good Citizen test. 

Currently private lessons are not set up to deal with reactivity or behavior modifications.

French Bulldog

4 Week Program


Meet with a professional trainer once a week for 4 weeks in our facility to gain strong foundations in training or to trouble shoot behavior. At the end of the program you will receive a written recap of your dogs skills and how to continue advancing the skills covered on your own.

For more advanced training needs please see our board and train tab

Three French Bullgod Puppies

VK9 Puppy Program


This program is designed to give your dog an all around training experience. This program starts with one month of private lessons in home where we work on puppy behaviors such as house training, kennel training, puppy nipping, puppy chewing and jumping (4 one hour lessons). Then we move into a 4 week long stay and train program where your dog comes to stay with one of our trainers to work hard on training skills such as sit, down, socialization, place stays, meal time manners, recalls, leash manners, and greeting manners. To finish the program we move back into a month of follow up lessons (4 one hour private lessons in home and out and about/facility) where we ensure all training is going smoothly at home and address any additional questions. 

A Puppy in Bed