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Training programs to fit a variety of goals and needs

Immersive professional training with lifetime support/refreshers!

Program Styles Currently Offered:

  • Private Lessons

    • Ideal for those wanting to train their own dog with the coaching services of a professional trainer​

    • Limited Availability

  • Board and Train

    • Ideal for those wanting professional training for their dog, and the lifetime support and guidance of a professional trainer to ensure success with the skills your dog knows​

    • Our board and trains run Monday through Friday (dogs are dropped off Sunday evening - have structured training M-F and are picked up Friday evening. Dogs are sent home with homework for owners to work on during the weekend so dogs get practice time (as well as owners) with their new skills.

    • Dogs board with a Pro Trainer during these programs.


    • Ideal for those out of the FM area, Those wanting something to do with their dog during the cold winter months, or those who want to farther their dogs at home skills through a group style class (GREAT for dogs with nervous behaviors or reactivity who normally wouldn't succeed in a group class.)​

Private Lessons:

  • $175 1 hour long lesson

  • $350 4 half hour lessons focused on basic obedience skills

  • $700 8 half hour lessons (or 4 hour long lessons)

Virtual Lessons:

  • One-on-One $60 for half an hour

Dog Training

Standard Board And Train Retreat Programs:

Blitz 1 Week: $600 

  • Select ONE command to train and work on proofing throughout the 5 day program

  • Select from the below list for focus commands:

    • Kennel and door manners​

    • Place Training

    • Grooming and Handling Conditioning

    • Leash Manners

    • Leave It

    • Recall w/ecollar - additional $175 gear charge

    • Treadmill Training

Basic 2 Week: $1500 

  • Sit

  • Place

  • Kennel Manners

  • Door Thresholds

  • Loose Leash Walk Foundation

  • Recall Conditioning

Basic 3 Week: $2100 

  • Everything from our 2 weeks PLUS

  • Duration in commands

  • Loose Leash Proofing

  • Advancement of recall

Specialized Programs and Behavior Modification Programs

(Aggression, Reactivity, Anxiety, other discussed training goals beyond our normal programs)

  • $2,500 - $6,000

  • In person or virtual evaluation required

  • A customized program length will be recommended based on the evaluation of the behavior we are working with.

Board and Train available dates


December 4th drop off (2 Openings)


January 8th drop off (3 Openings)

January 22nd drop off (3 Openings)

February 5th drop off (6 Openings)

February 19th drop off (4 Openings)

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