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Level Progression Classes

Group classes designed with goals in mind!

Level 1: Basic Obedience Course

(we all start somewhere!)

topics covered:

1. Calm handling (dog can be handled for exam/grooming)

2. Loose leash skills

3. Stays (sit, down, place) 

4. Intro to recalls

5. Focus work

6. Learning how to provide your dog a fulfilled lifestyle

Level 2: Advancing Skills

(ready to move on to some fun!)

1. Heel on loose leash with distractions

2. Hold a 3 min place stay

3. Leave it command

4. Proper greeting to both humans and dogs

5. Proper reaction to distractions

6. Recall from 15 feet away (on long line)

7. Stay from 15 feet away (on long line)

option to test for the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test upon completion

Level 3: All Star Status

(playing with the big dogs now!)

1. Focused heel command

2. Finished heel position

3. Recall to front/recall to finished heel

4. walking through a crowd

5. hold a down while owner talks to trainer or talks to other class members

6. recall away from distraction (on long line)

7. 5 min place stay with distractions

(option to take the AKC Advanced CGC upon completion)

German Boxer

Fun Classes!

Throughout the year we do offer various fun classes (follow Vigilant K9 on facebook to stay updated or email to join a wait list!)

Classes offered can include

  • Scent work classes

  • recall classes

  • patio pup classes

  • loose leash walking classes

  • trick classes

  • obstacle course classes

  • reckless canine (for the canine in your life who needs some control around other canine friends)

  • competitive obedience style classes

  • rally classes

  • and therapy goal classes

German Boxer