Heading Somewhere Fido Cant Go?

What used to be exclusive to dogs who have gone through our program we are opening up to EVERY dog! Daily rate stay and trains! Thats right! While youre away Fido will be touching up old manners and learning new manners! We will work on calm manners, mental and physical exercise, focus work, kennel manners, food manners, and basic commands! 

Dog Friendly dogs can enjoy romping and playing with other dog friendly dogs while dogs who prefer human interaction will get just that

Lastly just like our stay and train program pups your dog will be staying at our head trainers home, not in a kennel facility! We want your dog as comfortable as you do! Contact us today with dates needed for boarding so we can get you scheduled! Due to dogs staying at home with us we do limit the amount of openings we have for boarding and stay and trains!



Is your dog
Is your dog up to date on vaccinations including bordetella?

Pricing: Dog 1 is $40 a day, any additional family dog is $30. 

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