Private Lessons

One on One training with you and one of our trainers. We will discuss goals you have, training expectations, and make sure we can fit a program to your end goal. To get started with private lessons create a pet portal and well do an email consult going over our programs for private lessons to determine what will fit best with your household. 

One hour Consult training session $110

Meet with one of our trainers for a one hour hands on training session. During this time we will go over a possible training plan, answer questions, give training suggestions, trouble shoot behaviors as well as provide you with a written program you can follow along at home once the consult is completed! - if you decide to book a program after this consult lesson we will use this consult lesson as your first lesson and deduct the price of the consult from the lesson program! Due to the nature of behavior modification programs we do ask that you contact us to discuss program customization and pricing. 

Basic & Advanced Vigilant K9 In Home Lessons: $1,150

This combines both of our in home lessons into one complete program geared towards those owners who want their dog to truly be a rockstar! 8 one hour in home lessons and one follow up half hour lesson to be scheduled once you complete your program! 

Advanced Vigilant K9 In Home Lessons: $850

You will recieve an ecollar, a 15ft leash and 4 one hour in home lessons. This program focuses on sit on command, down on command, recall, heel, door manners, off (to stop any unwanted behaviors), place (to stay on a designated space), and extended sit and down (to stay in those commands until released)

Basic Vigilant K9 In Home Lessons: $450

You will recieve 4 one hour in home lessons. This program focuses on sit, down, extended sit and down, door manners, and a heel command


Note: Our private lessons rely heavily on owner involvement, when choosing one of these programs please be prepared to dedicate at least 30 min a day on training on days you do not meet with your trainer! We want you and your dog to succeed and will do all we can to give you all the tools needed but your involvement is what will make all the difference in your dog!




Vigilant K9 proudly offers a 10% discount off of all of our packages to our active and retired military members and law enforcement as well as emergency responders! When booking your service with us mention your a service member to receive a 10% discount on your selected package!

Recently adopt a shelter dog? We offer 10% off of any booked package! 

Stay and Train Programs

Immersive professional training: Here your dog comes to stay with our head trainer. They see daily training, socialization, physical exercise, mental exercise, proper dog to dog interaction, proper people greeting skills, calm manners, and obedience skills. We keep you updated on their training journey throughout the whole stay. Due to the nature of behavior modification programs we do as that you contact us to discuss program customization and pricing (including separation anxiety and aggression/reactions)

Elite VK9 Stay and Train Program $1350 - $3000 (Price not depicted by length but by training needed) - ideal for those wanting more proofed behaviors (ie off leash) or behavior modification needs

2-4 Weeks boarding with a professional trainer - we recommend messaging us on our contact us page to determine the best length of stay for your pup!(lots of play, mental stimulation, and love involved!)

6 core commands (Sit, Stay, Down, Heel - on and off leash, recall, off -stop what youre doing or leave something alone )

Dog will be exposed to multiple scenarios 

Greeting manners, door manners, meal manners

Includes an E-Collar

Comes with lifetime trainer support, discounted dog boarding for touch up training, an all inclusive go home lesson where you learn what your dog learned and lifetime trainer support to ensure training goes smoothly at home.

(Behavior modification cases fit into our elite stay and train program - we do require an unperson or video consult to determine the appropriate stay length for behavior modifications)

Standard Stay and Train Program $450 - $1500 - ideal for young puppies or dogs just needing some touch up training

$450 per week and open for 1 - 4 week increments. In home boarding with a professional trainer (lots of play, mental stimulation, and love involved!). 4 core commands (Sit, Stay, Heel on leash, Off/Leave it) each week we add on an additional command (and each extra week includes more proofing time for commands!) Contact us today so we can help you determine the length of stay your pup should have!

Payments are accepted on our stay and train program - final payment must have been paid before drop off date arrives.

Group classes!

2021 our training was able to grow by adding in a small training facility to offer more training options! Year round we will offer obedience classes, scent work classes, and various seminars! Our obedience classes are different then your traditional classes, for $125 you purchase a class pass - meaning you can join the program any time a slot is open! (no more waiting 5+ weeks to get into a class due to start dates! you'll register, pay your class fee and let us know when you'd like to start! (we do only allow 5 dogs per class so keep that in mind! Shoot us a message via contact us if you're wondering when the next space is open!) Please click our registration tab to sign up for a group class or a seminar!


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